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update 2020 : Currently we have used trials equipment available. These machines are in good condition and can be used for agricultural research. If you want to know more about this : Contact us by email on : chfarm@kpnmail.nl --------------------------------------- Since 1993 CH Farm Research is dedicated to find solutions for trials managers, plant breeders and all that are involved in agricultural research. Together with our partners we are specialized to offer you not only the right machine or equipment, but also that extra tool, modification, support and service that will add up to the best solution in planning, planting, harvesting and post-harvest of trials. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in seed production, also for vegetable and flower seed. We welcome you on this website, invite you to explore it and find a solution. But in the end, personal contact is the key to any good collaboration. Please contact us for more specific information.

What are the Trends in Agricultural Research Trials.

Agricultural research depends on results of field and other trialling systems. Plant breeding and selection are impossible without reliable trials.

The goal is to improve the accuracy of the trials without additional replicates and research plots, by finding better trial sites, more uniform soil and other environmental factors. The use of new technology (GPS, sensoring, mapping, image analysing) has made progress possible.

Recently we observe more frequent unfavourable weather conditions during planting and harvesting season. It means that the trials manager has to be able to keep up with often higher numbers of plots and less people, and at the same time less workable days.

Smart solutions are those who really increase the capacity, and smart invention of technology in new machinery, equipment, trials software are enabling this.

The key is a targeted team that is focused on this important job, and dedicated to achieve these results every year, even under pressure and suboptimal conditions. The right equipment will help.