CH Farm Research products

CH Farm Research is a small organisation specialized in solutions for agricultural research and trials. We invent, provide, implement, support and service machinery and equipment for agricultural research trials, plant breeding, seed production. We have 30 + years experience in trials and plant breeding, bringing practical solutions to the field.

Planting and drilling

– Wintersteiger plotseed

Wintersteiger rowseed

Wintersteiger Monoseed-Dynamic Disc

– Wintersteiger/Kramer special vegetable version


Wintersteiger Classic plot combine

Wintersteiger Delta plot combine

Wintersteiger Split plot combine

Wintersteiger Alpha combine for seed production

Wintersteiger Classic / Classic ST combine for seed productions and maintenance

Wintersteiger Cibus for grass / forage trials

Wintersteiger Cibus S and TRM for silage maize / corn trials

Stationairy threshing / shelling

Wintersteiger LD 350 plant / bundle thresher

Wintersteiger LD 180 / Hege 16 ear/ plant thresher

Wintersteiger LS 230 corn sheller

Agriculex SCS-2 corn sheller

Agriculex BCS corn sheller for large quantities

Agriculex SPT-1a belt thresher

Agriculex LBT large belt thresher

Agriculex SD-2 spelt dehuller

Post harvest / trials preparation

Hege 11 liquid seed dresser / treater

Hege 14 liquid seed dresser / treater for bigger quantities

Hege 12 magazines / cassettes liquid seed treater

Hege 44 sample chopper

Hege 6 and Hege 7 volumetric divider

DATA Count S 25 Research seed counter

DATA Count S 60 Research seed counter

Seed cleaning:

PDF Agriculex CB-1 and CB-2 column blower / seed cleaner

PDF Agriculex CB-1 and CB-2 column blower / seed cleaner

Selecta AS-1 aspirator / seed cleaner

Selecta ZZ-1 –ZZ 2- ZZ-3 aspirator precision cleaner / gravity separator

Selecta SL 50 and SL 100 air / screen cleaners

Agriculex RSC-1 roller sorter